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Packaged Rooftop Units up to 230+ tons, Evap. Condensing, Pool Dehumidification Units, Make-up Air Units, Air to Air Heat Pumps, Water Source Heat Pumps, Split Systems, Water Cooled Units, Air Handling Units Modular up to 56,000 CFM, Air Cooled Condensing Units from 2-230 tons, Air Cooled and Evap. Cooled Chillers, Packaged Equipment and Boiler Rooms, Vertical Self Contain Units, Blower Coil and Fan Coil Units

Air Enterprises

Custom Engineered Air Handling Units – All Aluminum construction. Thermal break panel construction. Each unit is custom engineered to meet the customer’s onsite requirements.

Air Wise Inc

Air Handling Units, Custom Built Up Air Handling Systems, Direct Fired Make Up Air Units, Indirect Fired Make Up Air Units, Air Rotation Units


Packaged Vertical Unit Ventilators (air cooled, heat pump, chilled and hot water), Hydronic Heating products, Ductless Split Systems, Gas-fired Infrared Heaters


Floor Mounted Chilled Beam Induction Cabinets Utilizing Displacement Ventilation. Custom Sheet Metal Auxiliaries for Carson Solutions and OEM Terminal Devices


Modular Chiller Systems, True Redundancy Energy Cost Savings, Space Saving

Climate Master

Water Source Heat Pumps (horizontal, vertical, hi-rise, water to water, console), geothermal, 100% make-up air heat pumps, Rooftop WSHP Units with energy recovery options, Air Cooled Rooftop Units up to 25 Tons


Computer Room Units (Ceiling, Floor And Wall Mount Units) Air And Water Cooled, Micro-Controller Options, Heat Pumps.


Humidification Systems, Steam Generators (gas, electric, hot water, steam) Dispersion Panels, Room Humidifiers, Insulated Tube Options, Water Treatment Systems.


Water & Air-Cooled Chillers (Scroll, Screw, Centrifugal & Turbocor Compressor Technology), Condensing Units, Package Rooftop Units and AHU’s, Industrial Chiller Solutions


Fluid Coolers & Cooling Towers, Dry Coolers, Pulse Pure Non-Chemical Water Treatment, Pre-engineered Chemical Water Treatment Systems, Low Sound Solutions


Variable Refrigerant Packaged Units, PTAC and VTAC Units, Ductless Mini-Splits, Hazardous Location Wall Units


Fan Coil & Blower Coil Units, Vertical Hi-Rise units, “Sureflow” Pump Package Fan Coil Units


In Floor Heating Systems, Trench Heating, Perimeter Heating, Design Grilles, Fan Coil Units


Custom Sound Curbs, Spring Isolation Curbs, Pipe Hangers and Spring Isolators, Pump Inertia Bases


Residential Split Systems and Ductless Mini-Splits


Heat Recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF), Ductless Split Systems, Multi-Ductless Split System, PTACS, Through-The-Wall A/C Units, Dedicated Outside Air Units


Fan Coils, Cased Coils, Air Handlers, Unit Ventilators, Blower Coil Units


Industry Pioneers In The Design & Manufacture Of Engineered Steam And Hydronic Solutions


Airflow Measuring Stations

Phenomenal Aire

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

TPI / Raywall

Electric Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters, Wall Heaters, Baseboard Heat, Duct Heaters


Sanuvox Technologies Inc. is a world leader in ultraviolet air purification, offering the most advanced and cost effective air purification and coil cleaning systems.


Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers / Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers


Light Commercial / Commercial Roof Top Units (3-150 Tons), Split Systems, DOAS Units


Silencers, Acoustic Louvers, Plenums, Sound Attenuation, Sound Blankets, Custom Engineered Sound Enclosures, Certified Sound Calculations


Hot Water and Steam Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters, Convectors, Finned Tube Radiation


High Quality Custom Energy Recovery Ventilators, Packaged Energy Recovery Solutions, Laboratory Applications, Medical, Schools, 90%+ Condensing Gas Heat, Packaged Pool Dehumidification Units